Westhoughton Folk Club

THE FINAL "BASH" January 19th 2008

Although Westhoughton had ended on a superlative note in November with two fine concerts at the Golf Club they were not quite the closing moments. These were reserved for a spectacular finale at the beautiful Rivington Hall Barn.

250 friends, past and present, all loyal supporters of the club gathered together to dance, sing and chat about the years that have gone.

Rogues Gallery with caller Mick Peat (now 67 years young) provided the dance music and there were song spots from many.

We cannot thank enough, all who came and created the fantastic atmosphere. To say it was memorable would be an understatement. We thank especially our wonderful band, guest artistes, Ruth and Ken (Risky Business), Strawhead, The Oldham Tinkers, John Leonard and John Squire, The Tom Topping Band, Vin Garbutt, Maddy Prior, Julie Matthews, Pete Abbott, John Wright, Tony Gibbons, Anthony John Clarke, Phil Beer and the wonderful Bernard Wrigley who worked tirelessly to keep us all in order.

They had travelled hundreds of miles to be with us.

It was a unique occasion. Please enjoy our photographs courtesy of Roger who has captured some of Westhoughtons finest moments and Ian who ensured it always sounded great.

Good Luck and Love to All